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As a community of caring individuals, we come together to improve the health and education of vulnerable children and their caretakers in rural Lesotho in support of the Touching Tiny Lives Foundation. Our Chelan Community is making a difference in another Community halfway across the world.

Come to our 6th annual benefit concert at Benson Vineyards! 

August 3rd, 7pm

Click here for more information.

We are excited to announce that 2 members of Chelan to Africa traveled to Lesotho. Both Amy and Erin made an incredible journey to the Touching Tiny Lives safe house in February, 2011. They have started a website, www.traveltoafricawithme.com, that you can subscribe to so you can get up-to-date emails and messages about their travels. They are also looking for medical professionals to travel to Lesotho in the coming year. Go to their website for more information and to contact them now!


Please explore the TTLF  website as well

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